Summer Dreamin’

From the looks of this photo I could be in some hot country abroad! But it’s actually sunny England! I enjoyed a wonderful morning having breakfast outside with my hubby in our local Wetherspoons. It was so good just to spend time together. We are both often very busy and so savour moments like this. It’s extra special when we get fantastic weather like this!

So, here’s some news. I’m totally inspired to start a You Tube channel! This has all happened super fast. It was an idea for later on this year, but, in a sequence of events it looks like it will be happening THIS WEEK! Vlogs are so popular these days and as a fan of them I’ve become totally inspired! It will become an extension of this blog. I’m quite limited here and writing is time consuming. Yet with a video it opens up whole new opportunities! I can’t wait to get started! Which actually is weird because I’m actually very self conscious about these things.


Dreamcatcher Fauxdori


I found this card yesterday in my local card shop and couldn’t resist it! I’m going to laminate it and put it in my dreamcatcher fauxdori. It actually coincides with Mrs Brimbles June Instagram photo challenge, which today is #Dreaming. I first started to pursue my dreams not too long ago. This blog is a part of it. But before I could start I had to overcome a lot emotionally and mentally. It seems to me that a lot in life tries to hold you back from following your dreams and calling. There comes a point when you have to stop thinking about it and start doing. For me I had to be brave and bold and turn my back on dream crushers, doubters and life drainers. Since doing so I have never felt so free. I have surrounded myself with believers, doers, and encourager’s! People who won’t judge you or your dreams but, rather, spur you on and love you no matter what. In the process I hope I too am one of those who will return the encouragement and spur on others.

So here’s to the future and to those dreams! May we nurture one another’s hopes and dreams and relish in them together once we start to see them come true!


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