Time to Let Go And Move Into The New

Many times in life we all have to let go of wounds, both old and new. Say goodbye to relationships that have become toxic. Let go of the old before we start the new. Some things cannot come with us where we are going.

I have these set of keys. All, but one however, no longer open any doors. Yet I still have them.


I don’t know to be honest.

There is even a remnant of an old keyring, which someone who continued to hurt me, gave me when we first made friends. It’s not for any other reason than I just never really got round to throwing them out.

But today, as I start on a new path of learning to let go and replace old toxic thoughts with new positive ones, I felt led to take off all these old keys and keyring remnants and in a sort of ritual release them along with all the negative thoughts and old wounds I had held onto for so long.

Just like these keys no longer open any doors in the physical realm, old toxic thoughts keep shut any doors of opportunity I desire or even need to open, let alone walk through.

These old keys cannot come with me.

I now only have one key.

It feels vulnerable. Easy to lose.

In time however, new keys will be added as well as new keyrings.

As I say goodbye to June I let go and release all of the old and embrace the new.

Hello July….

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