New Month, New Start, New Projects!

Wow, since my last post, which was only yesterday, so much has happened! Particularly in relation to the aftermath of what I posted about. I’ll have to save some of it for another time however.

Some sad new first. As I wait to move I’m seeing neighbours here come and go. Sadly, the older generation I see passing on. This was the case of a lovely lady who lived opposite to me. As I spoke about old keys yesterday. Today a for sale board appeared outside my old neighbours house. Things just seem to reflect where I am recently and this is one of them.


One Book July

So, there’s this challenge set by a lovely lady in the planning/journaling community called One Book July. See HERE for more details. I love the idea of having everything in one place planning and journaling wise. However, I am an artist and lover of journals and I have projects dear to my heart I am in the process of which cannot be included in this challenge. That being said, I’ve decided, after much consideration, to use a ONE journal, for One month for planning, collecting info, note taking, shopping lists, to do lists etc etc. I’m going to try this One book July in a way that fits me. This means keep my other projects separate from this one.

This is the book I am using:




I did a quick search on Ebay after seeing it on a YouTube video and it arrived within days! It’s fantastic quality and cost under £10 in total! Bargain! As I post my other projects here, I’ll include updates on this one. I will also video a flick through as I progress through it.

Is anyone else doing this challenge for July? I’d love you to get in touch and let me know what you’re doing!

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  1. I am completing a spiritual journal that I started last summer. It has wonderful textured blank paper pages which I have collaged, painted, journaled by handwriting and then other times just practiced being in the flow of what would happen as I let it. I found your post on a facebook group & will share as I can. Thanks for being transparent & putting words and pictures to your voyage!!

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