Bible Journaling – Self Love

Since my last post I have been reading ‘ A Return To Love’ by Marianne Williamson. It comes after not just a recommendation by after another series of God-incidences, which, if you know me is a frequent thing in my life! I knew this book would be life changing with the way I was lead to it. It didn’t disappoint!

‘I’m learning’ would be a weak statement. Better to say that in one fell swoop my eyes have been opened to love…loving ourselves as well as others and how I have fallen way, way, waaaaaaay further than I imagined. The reactions to others and circumstances tells me I have a few walls that need demolishing, wounds to heal, past to let go of and people to forgive.

So as well as putting all these thing in a prayer on paper and committing to working through them for as long as it takes, I thought I’d incorporate truths in my Bible journaling.

Matthew 22:39 and John 4:23-24 were the verses I chose to focus on…

Love yourself and worshipping God in Spirit and in truth.

I believe these go hand in hand.



To worship in truth is to be ourselves with God and people. To live a life of love. These are truths I’m steeping my soul in for the next few days. Self hatred is as offensive to God as judging others is. We need to realize that we are loved and pregnant with potential!


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