No More Breakdowns, Only Breakthroughs

“The next thing you think, the next action you take, will either create a new possibility for you, or it will repeat the past.” – Deepak Chopra

So, this week! Phew, where do I start? I have experienced a massive shift in my life recently, more so this week. It has been bliss!

As you may know from this POST I have started a new series called Journey of my Heart documenting my spiritual journey. It’s a journey of transition and transformation. Sharing is difficult. It puts you in a place of vulnerability. As one dear blogger documenting her own transitions writes;

“There aren’t enough people recording the truths of transition while it is actually occurring. It takes great awareness and groundedness to do so without completely freaking out or giving up. I have come to deeply respect and appreciate those who are willing to vulnerably commit to such an unraveling and delicate venture.”
Mandy Steward


Sharing is humbling. It goes completely against ego – the flesh – which desperately wants to preserve itself. Ego is threatened when we do something that requires humility.

Discovering who we are, or rather, becoming our true selves is always described by many as a removal of a mask or a peeling away of layers – old thought patterns, beliefs, false-self, etc – as opposed to adding more to ‘make us.’ It’s much like the process of stripping away the layers of paint accumulated over the years to reveal the true beauty of the wood underneath.  It’s humbling to share because it is publicly recording that process of stripping that ultimately exposes us. Think of Adam and Eve’s reaction to their own nakedness in the garden of Eden… they hid themselves!


….we can also feel safe because of God’s love and grace. Knowing we are loved for who we are and are lovable. I just love that we are lovable! Our identity lies in who we are… children of God.

In light of this I chose Proverbs 4:23. Much of what I’m learning is rooted in what we think. I love the quote, which I included on the page, by Deepak Chopra. In fact the title of this post is inspired by something he said. For so many years I have, through my own wrong thinking totally guided by ego, repeated everything again and again. But now, guided by the Holy Spirit I am “renewing my mind.” As I do so my life has begun to change and old reoccurring patterns have been broken.

Breakthroughs are here. Doors are opening!

An image of a dreamcatcher also inspired today’s journaling. I prepared my work area, protected the opposite Bible page and placed a vintage doily over the page I was working on…


I then took different colours from the Dylousions ink spray range and sprayed over the doily…

Bible Journaling

I then added stickers, ephemera, and text using a waterproof pen…

Bible Journaling

In other news….

Altered Journal – A New Project



I have started a new journal…an altered journal in fact. This will be to document my spiritual journey in a visual way. I used a carefully picked old book from the charity shop…

alteredbookNext I covered it in gesso and added colours I was particularly drawn to for this project…

Altered Journal

Next I applied gesso to the back, paint to my hand and placed my hand print on the cover…

altered Journal

This really spoke to me about it being a very unique journey.

I will be posting more about this altered journal project in upcoming posts.

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