One Book July Update

So far One Book July 2015 has been a fantastic challenge for me. I am still quite new to planning, and so finding my way still. Keeping everything in one book has it’s obvious limitations and drawbacks yet it helps to really understand what you want and need from planning.

What I Have Found

So, personally, I have discovered that I really would benefit from a method of journaling called ‘Bullet Journaling’. For a more detailed explanation of what Bullet Journaling is go to Bullet Journaling gives me the chance to rapid log notes, tasks and appointments as well as create pages for ongoing projects, reading lists, and any other list I may need. It’s all in one place and can be easily located thanks to the indexing system. This is something I found I did in my one book but all the information was jumbled up and could not be easily found.

Next, I feel I need to keep all my forward planning in a separate planner with contacts etc. This will be my new planner which starts August.


I will be keeping the notebook which I’m using for the one book July as a brain dump and then migrate any info into relevant planners.

One Book Cover


So I have made a cover for my chunky notebook. I used a new technique to me called free-style patchwork. This really appeals to me because it’s an out of the box approach to sewing. There are no rules and anything goes. I enjoy this kind of sewing thoroughly! To stitch the pieces together I used a multicoloured thread;

Taking the word one the cover, ‘Believe’, I stamped it onto a piece of fabric and hand stitched it onto the cover using thread I had hand dyed.

And voila! Finito!


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