Week So Far…Bando Planner, Journal binding, And We Found A Rabbit!

It’s that time! For anyone who has a Bando Planner you would have been waiting for this week for a while now. Yep…it’s time to start our new planners! I have been looking forward to this as it is a fresh opportunity for me to get creative in my forward planning. It’s weird because already I’m getting on with this format better than the Filofax. It’s bigger, brighter, and much more spacious. So this will work both as my forward planning and as an opportunity to be creative in the planning process. Whereas my bullet journaling, although extremely practical, is about a plain as it gets. I don’t intend on doodling, drawing or sticking anything in it. It’s so boring to look at that I’m not going to share a photo of it until I’m at least a couple of weeks in!

So here is this week so far in my Bando Planner:

Bando Planner

Letter Journals

I saw these in a group a few weeks ago now. I’m in the process of making up a few to send out. Today I finished off binding a couple with a pamphlet stitch. Next I just need to decorate the covers and send them out. Something I need to get done this week.

Letter Journals

Letter Journals


We found ANOTHER rabbit! Or in our case another rabbit found us. This little fella (girl?) was found outside our house hiding under a car. It’s a friendly little thing and definitely a much loved pet. We’ve posted the find to local groups online and now we’re just waiting to hear from someone. Hopefully the owners will soon be found. In the meantime he/she can enjoy our garden in the big run we have.


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Geraldine Jayne Xx

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