Affirmation Beads – Journey Of My Heart

Words and thoughts have power.

Up until a couple of years ago I never gave much thought to my negative thinking, words or how I saw myself.

I didn’t ever equate my negative circumstances with my negative thinking, speaking, let alone how I saw myself.

Today, how I think, what I say, and who I know myself to be are critical to my well being…physically and spiritually.

Today I choose to believe in my true self, love, and to daily renew my mind.

In this process of personal transformation and growth I crossed paths with an artist in America and all round beautiful soul   Nichole Rae. She has a project called The Affirmation Bead Project, which, in her own words, was…

“…inspired by the intention to shift my thoughts and language from that of fear/ negative / low energy to that of love/ positive / truth. To go forth carrying words of love to heal my life and bring forth my inner truth + present self. These beads have evolved and become the foundation for my art of daily practice and daily affirmation practice.”

After reading Eat Pray Love by Elisabeth Gilbert I learned about Mala beads and had these fresh in my mind. But affirmation beads are different. I am drawn to this way of devotion and prayer each morning…acknowledging God and His words and thoughts about me. It is such a beautiful and intimate act! I wanted to have this with my relationship with God! I could see Gods gentle nudging in the form of frequent God-incidences!

So I made contact with Nichole Rae.

And I was so humbled by her kindness!

The actual process itself is beyond words. I really couldn’t do it justice! You will have to visit her site to find out more. Nichole Rae would be choosing the colours as she felt led.

I waited in anticipation.


…they arrived!

Nichole Rae

Nichole Rae

I know beyond a doubt that this marks a pivotal point in my life. This daily devotion I feel is a life changer. I believe in the transformative power in words, thoughts and prayer. So I retreated to my room to open the parcel in peace. When I read the letter and affirmations I welled up. Then I saw the beads!

Affirmation Beads

Aren’t they gorgeous!

Nichole kindly send me photos of the dedication process. A few I have chosen to share with you here…





This is a deeply personal part of my journey I have chosen to share here. God has brought me out into a spacious place (Psalm 18:19) where I am overwhelmed by His love, grace and mercy. I have been set free from the condemnation that now lies behind me knowing it was never from Him. In this place He is pouring out His blessings on me in order that I may become a vessel of His love and grace to bless others.

My passion is to help, encourage and inspire others. In time I hope I can do just that.  In fact, If you feel this post speaks to your soul, please contact me! I will always make time to talk…and talk without any judgement!

Thank you so much for stopping by my creative little corner of the world.

Geraldine Jayne Xx


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