Some Very Exciting News!

I am very excited and humbled to announce I am on Mrs Brimbles Creative Design Team! I can hardly believe this is happening to me! I’m thrilled to be a part of such an amazingly talented bunch of ladies! You will find me posting over on her blog as well as more planner/creative related posts here. Mrs Brimbles also has a New Group over on Facebook for all things planner, journal, and stationery related.

More Exciting News…

We have a new addition to our family!!! Meet Bonnie, our bonnie wee dog!

Since our beautiful collie passed away, a little under two years ago now, there has been a small void in our family. We knew we wanted another dog but she/he had to be small and we wanted to adopted as opposed to buy as there are so many lovely dogs waiting for a home. So we waited and it paid off! She is a star and has settled in almost immediately. I couldn’t imagine life without her now.

Week Three In My Bando Agenda

Last week was jam packed! I took great pleasure to document it all in my Bando agenda. As result I seriously need to shop for more stickers! I’ve always been a huge journal fan so I’m loving this creative way of planning!

By the end of the week I was exhausted! I made of point of relaxing Sunday afternoon!

I also made a new tassel for my planner after coming across the most amazing colours…. gold and black twine and hot pink floss! They were perfect!

I made an extra one and put it in my Etsy Shop.

And Finally…

I purchased a new personal size planner for everyday planning and note taking. Everything, in a condensed way, is going in this. I’ll put my own creative spin on it but this really is about carrying everything I need to know with me, with the option of making notes etc. The brand is Jamie Notes and I purchased it from Daisy at Cloudy Cow. Doesn’t it look smart with my Bando Agenda!

The colour is amazing and these photo’s don’t quite capture it’s true tone. It’s a little more green in real life. It had an incredibly soft and supple feel to it yet it isn’t real leather. As a result it is much cheaper than what you would pay for, say, a Filofax Malden. Here it is with a lovely tassel planner charm also from Cloudy Cow.

Thanks once again for stopping by. I’d love to hear from fellow creative planners! Just comment below, say hi and let me know what planner/s you are currently using.

Geraldine Jayne xoxo

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