Week 4 In My Bando Agenda

So last week was the fourth week in my new Bando Agenda. As we come to the end of the summer holidays I find myself in one of the busiest times of the year…mad dash to ensure the children have everything they need for school! So it is that this post has come a little later than normal as I set up a new schedule that works around school hours. Much better for me as that means I can get a lot more done now! Only one more week to go! Anyway, here is my full spread…


I experimented with a little scrapbook style. I used labels from my mail to document they had arrived. This is what I love about the Bando Agenda, as I have said so often. I’m running low on stickers now and have been on the lookout for something different. On my search I did come across the most gorgeous washi I have ever seen. I found it in Mrs Brimbles shop. It’s from Heidi Swapp’s range Hello Beautiful. When my order arrived I was even more thrilled to receive one of Anna’s cards!


New Items In My Etsy Store



So, I finally replaced my broken laminator with a brand new one and went laminating crazy! In the process I made some planner page markers and put them into my Etsy Shop. What do you think? These, at the time of writing, are available in my shop.



Before I sign off, a couple of people now have mentioned I should pursue the idea of doing a vlog. I have a channel on Youtube, which I used to test the waters. It’s an idea that I’m seriously considering. I wondered on what your thoughts are about it and if you do watch any what is it you enjoy about them? Please comment below. All comments may take a while to appear as I moderate each one, but I will respond. I really appreciate you stopping by, especially taking time to respond! It means a lot!

Geraldine Jayne Xx

6 thoughts on “Week 4 In My Bando Agenda

  1. Love this post. I certainly prefer the scrapbook style of planning – it’s great if you have a quieter week because can just decorate the white space! And yes to vlogging!!

    1. Hey! Thank you! Aw, I’m so nervous about vlogging but I’m sure I’d soon overcome that. Good for the ol’ pride and all that! Lol

  2. You’ve inspired me so much! I’m redecorating at the moment – those occasional blasts of fresh interior to shake things up a bit (our pad has always been on the ‘cool n trendy’ side, whereas with a little one I’m now craving more of a ‘family home’ vibe). Anyway, before I saw your post, I was going to put up an extra mirror on a spare wall, but now I’m going to put up a bulletin board. I’ll make it with fabric, and will also adorn it with mini bunting with lettering for each month ( I adore your journals but I dedicate my spare time to crochet so can’t make room for daily or weekly planners, but a re-useable monthly calendar type thing could work!) I plan to make business-card-size birthday cards, for each birthday I intend to send a card. I’m really looking forward to sharing pics of it… hopefully this year! Xx

    1. Aw, thanks Lorraine. For a minute I thought it was the photo’s of the old hall I posted which inspired you, Lol!

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