Lollipop Box Club Subscription Box

This months subscription box from the Lollipop Box Club has arrived. I love this box because of its uniqueness and versatility! It’s not a planner subscription box but contains a “variety of cute stationery, crafty bits, vintage findings, homewares, mini DIY kits, fun jewellery, surprises, a mystery gift and of course a lollipop!!” If you then hop over onto their blog you will find ideas and inspiration of what to do with your items in the box, right down to the paper bags used!

This is what the box looks like upon opening…

Yes, the butterflies did literally pop, or should I say fly, out as I opened it, lol! Included this month was a lovely personal touch from the founder, Lisa. She personalised each of these lists for us, not to mention all the crocheting she must do!

Just look what was in this cute envelope!

So now I’m going to head over to her blog, get inspired and make something with all these lovely goodies!

Thanks for stopping by my creative corner of the world!

Geraldine Jayne xx


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