Halloween Craft Fun And GIVEAWAY!

So this month I was asked by Anna of Mrs Brimble’s whether or not I’d be interested in using some of the Halloween range available on her online shop. Now, I don’t celebrate Halloween much these days but it used to be my favourite time of the year. Friends and I would go out for lateRead more

Vlog Day Three – Bloodmoon and Blackholes!

So I’ve been pretty quiet here on my blog lately due to concentrating on getting a vlog up and running. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’m getting there. We’ve had plenty of teething problems that have been very time consuming, so everything else took a back seat while we worked through them. HereRead more

Unboxing: September Lollipop Box Club

So I signed up for this subscription box about three months ago and I can say I’m thoroughly impressed every month. I don’t know how she, Lisa, does it, but each month is jam packed full of all sorts of goodies ideal for scrapbooks, planners, journals, etc. This months kit theme is two of myRead more

September Unboxing Of The Happy Mail Box From Mrs Brimbles

This is my no frills video over on my You Tube Channel of the unboxing of my first subscription box from the lovely Mrs Brimbles. Stay tune to my blog to see what I do with these lovely goodies! So grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Positive Planning!

Last week, after setting up my personal planner, I began a new project. Actually, project sounds too formal. It’s more like a daily practice. Each day I wanted to take time to note any quote, affirmation, or positive thought that struck a chord within me. This way, if I take time to note it downRead more

Are You Okay?

This is going to be one of the most deeply personal posts I have ever written so far. In doing so I’m taking a risk. A risk that people will get offended and I will get hurt. But then I might just help people, which is the reason why I have chosen to hit theRead more

How I Printed out And cut Personal Size Inserts For my Planner

So, it occurred to me, as I started to cut out inserts for my planner, that I should document the process in case others may find it helpful. I know the difficulty people have printing and cutting out inserts for their planners once they have bought them online, specifically of the ring bound variety suchRead more

A Little About Me

I recently wrote my first guest post for the lovely Mrs Brimbles. It was a short introduction of myself and why I love journaling, creative planning, scrapbooking etc. I thought I would include my introduction post here for those curious readers. I hope you enjoy! Get to know the Design Team – Geraldine Hi! I cannotRead more

New Season, New Recipes, New Chapter

It’s that time of year where you can literally feel the transition of seasons. This year it has come with quite few changes in my own life, both big and small, good and bad. As much as the bad hurts, it brings with it opportunity. And so I find myself forced into change and thatRead more