Chasms, Caves, Hills, wishing trees….My Week In The Peaks!

What a week! I was given the most amazing opportunity to go away, for a whole week, with my good friend to the Peak District! It was very difficult leaving behind family, as always, but my friend and I haven’t seen each other for such a long time. It was a well deserved holiday.

The cottage we stayed in was in the middle of the high Peak. The view from my room was stunning. You could see Mam Tor, where we visited a couple of times.

On the first day we went to Lud’s Church. I had seen this place on TV a couple of times and it was on my list of places to visit. In fact I think we covered a few places on my wish list that week! There are no words to describe these places. Being able to take it all in without the constant worry of keeping my eyes on the children was amazing. It has been such a long time since I’ve been able to do that. I was able to fully explore everywhere.

Within the chasm itself, we saw what would become a familiar sight around these parts, a wishing tree. Each time, I left my wish…

The next day we went up to Mam Tor. As we made our way there, we passed the car park, and stumbled upon the most breathtaking sight of our whole stay. I managed to get some stunning photos just from my phone!

On Tuesday we went to the Chatsworth Estate! I have wanted to come here for a LONG time! As you approach the house up the long drive you question whether or not you’re supposed to be driving up it. We felt like royalty! Getting out of the car beside the house was an overwhelming feeling. You’re not quite prepared for it. We didn’t even cover the whole garden. You need three days easily just for Chatsworth!

On Wednesday we drove around for a little while before deciding upon Derwent Reservoir. Again, another on my list! I loved this place! There was a real feeling of peace. Derwent dam towering above you.The gorgeous houses in the hillside, yet beside water was idyllic. Then there was the lost village, which we were able to make out. And as an added bonus, an old WW2 plane flew over. It was a very surreal moment.

Lost village…

As we drove back to the cottage we realised we would make it in time to watch the sunset from Mam Tor. It was freezing but stunning!

Thursday, our last day. We were so undecided as there was so much left to see and do. But Dovedale came up so many times we just had to go. We were not disappointed. I think it was our longest walk yet. At the end of the first stretch we came to Milldale. A very picturesque English village. The whole walk took on different views and terrain. Caves, hills, woods, etc. Just as we got back, dark clouds gathered and it started to rain. It summed up our whole week as we were always fortunate with our timing and the weather.

Friday, we said our goodbyes and made our way home. It’s always an emotional time for me. I’ve known my friend Helena since school and she has since married my brother and become my sister-in-law. We live miles apart and rarely get to spend time together. I think I left a part of my soul in the peaks and took back a part of the peaks in my soul. It was hard leaving family but it also did me a world of good. I’m definitely going to make the most of this gem which lays right on my doorstep!

2 thoughts on “Chasms, Caves, Hills, wishing trees….My Week In The Peaks!

  1. This was just lovely to read. Would love to visit one day! Thank you for sharing and glad you had time to spend with your friend/SIL!

  2. I really needed to see this today. What fortuitious timing! I’m stressed for a deadline and it’s Sunday evening and I have to get things ready for the rest of the week–kids’ lunches, my breakfast, clothes, setting up planner for new week, etc.–and seeing this reminded me of our Europe trip me and my husband took before having kids. The peace, the serenity, and natural beauty were fantastic, but I think I appreciate it even more now because it’s very rare for me to have those moments these days. I’m glad you were able to spend time with your SIL in a place so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing the pictures.

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