2015 Summary And Looking Ahead

Okay so I know it is only November and we haven’t had Christmas yet buuuut, I’m already thinking ahead to next years goals and plans. 2015 has been an incredible year for me and it has also been a steep learning curve. So far we still haven’t moved (a dream yet to be realised), however a lot of other things have happened, including unexpectedly entering the world of Vlogging, YouTube and being asked to join a design team. Oh and this adorable little girl joined our family!


Last year, I thought about how life is too precious and short to work hard at something you don’t love to do. So I decided to commit and work hard at something I love. As I did, things I’d forgotton I’d loved to do soon resurfaced in a very unique way. I know that sounds funny, but I mean those things you dream of as a child but reluctantly push aside as you get older because you think they no longer apply to you as an adult. Not only that, but I’ve found, through the blessing of social media, many more people out there who also share the same tastes and interests. I became assured that it was okay to still like things I once loved as a child, such as overly decorated mail, sparkly things, unicorns for crying out loud, and….. the colour pink!!!? All this in turn set my imagination soaring, as it once did, and my bank balance diving! (Haha, actually this year saw me also unexpectedly changing over to an amazing bank with a miles better account! Win win!) Here is an example of said sparkly things I have been creating…


This path led my onto a discovery of a love of creative planning and I have ended up in several planner groups on Facebook, two of which are like home for me! The women there are brilliant, FUNNY, and amazing. You know who you all are! But planning? Really? That was never something I really saw myself becoming as interested in as I am now. But it has literally been an agent of finding my true self. I’m not the best at it. I love the creative side of it. But the actual planning bit I’m still growing and learning.


All this, when my original intention was to start making and selling bags. But because of the planning element, I went on to make planner covers, namely for the Filofax. I did a trial few and they did well. So now my original idea of bags and covers will collide with new ideas and come to fruition in the new year!


So now, I have found myself in a position where I have a solid set of directions which need transferring over into a map, a.k.a a plan! This blog has, more recently, been a tad neglected as I have been figuring out this plan. I grow, the blog grows with me! So there will be more changes to come here as well as more frequent posts as the plan gets set into motion. The plan I had at the start of this journey was vague to say the least, but I set out with it anyway.

So what is everyone else up to? Do you have any big or small goals or plans for 2016? Have you even thought about them yet? Are you a huge creative planner fan too? I’d love to hear from you!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Geraldine Jayne

One thought on “2015 Summary And Looking Ahead

  1. I’m excited for you! I love hearing about people who make a choice to pursue what they love. It’s scary and often one is met with challenges, but because one is driven by passion, it doesn’t feel like work. I’ve only been in the creative planning community for a month, but I’m so impressed with how everyone takes a blank page of their week or month and turns them into a gorgeous journey. I enjoy seeing what you create and your planner page layouts. I find so much inspiration in your work and others too!

    I’m currently writing a novel and enrolled in a writing program. I’m pursuing my dream to be a published author and by 2016 I hope to have my manuscript completed and ready to shop to agents.

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