Christmas Planning With My November Brimbles Box


In November I received my Christmas themed Brimbles Box. The contents were not only super handy but super cute too! Check out the planner charm in the photo above! In fact, I couldn’t decide which planner to put him in. I ended up attaching him to my Bando Planner as I’m moving out of my personal size planner and into a A5 ready for next year. But he looks great whichever planner he’s in…

So, the dilemma with using such pretty stationery is sometimes it’s too nice to use! You feel like you’re going to ruin it by putting pen to it. This is something I have had to overcome this past year! Take for example these sticky notes. How cute (I’m going to be using that word a lot with these products!) are they…

But being sticky notes they are super handy and the time came to actually use them!  The same went for the to do pad…

See the washi tape? How….yes CUTE! And it’s all been used to the max! I’m almost out. I used some of it in my Bando and some for wrapping presents.

In the planner box there was also some amazing (see I didn’t say cute that time….but they really are cute as you shall soon see!) retro Christmas ephemera. These went straight into my Bando Planner!

Okay, so the planner box just wouldn’t be complete without a dashboard! I went for the personal size but next month sees me moving to A5. This art work, (because they are not just dashboards, they’re art), really complemented my Jamie Notes planner! The planner is not, strictly speaking, a Christmas colour, but still, it all blends together beautifully! Doesn’t he look…..


I really hope you enjoyed seeing what I did with the contents of my Brimbles box as much as I enjoyed using them.


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