Art Journaling With My Christmas Brimbles box

  Every Brimbles box I’ve had has been a springboard of inspiration. I’ve struggled, in the past, to get creative with Christmas stuff that’s usually on the market. The last box changed that for me. Then when I received this box in December I was really taken back that Mrs B did it again with puttingRead more

Being Easy On Yourself With New Plans

This year so far has seen amazing progress in some areas, yet a demoralizing hindrance in other areas. Even though the progress is incredible and the hindrances out of my control, I found I beat myself up for the said hindrances. It’s crazy! I set myself a date to have certain tasks done by. However, whatRead more

Empowered To Change!

Word For 2016 Happy new year everyone! I am so excited about 2016! The end of last year saw me frantically researching a new diet/fitness plan and working through my Shining Life + Biz workbooks by Leonie Dawson. Within these workbooks lay a challenge to find a word for the year. Now I’ve been put offRead more