Being Easy On Yourself With New Plans

This year so far has seen amazing progress in some areas, yet a demoralizing hindrance in other areas. Even though the progress is incredible and the hindrances out of my control, I found I beat myself up for the said hindrances. It’s crazy! I set myself a date to have certain tasks done by. However, what I didn’t foresee was challenges that held me back along the way. The challenges have simply been one huge learning curve. Yet I wanted to know now. I wanted to “get it” straight away. When I didn’t and couldn’t do the task at hand, I broke down in tears. Something I hadn’t done in ages.

My deadline passed.

I was upset and confused.

What now?

I decided to walk away from the two things I was struggling with. One involved a printer. The other my Silhouette Portrait machine.

I took a bath, took long, deep breaths, and relaxed.

After that, I managed to solve my printer problem. But the portrait one would now have to wait. My family were visiting that day from Cyprus and I was to be out all day the next day with them. I had no choice but to put aside the problem and come back to it at my next realistic opportunity.

Being Easy On Yourself

This whole episode raised some very important issues for me. I had just started a high protein, lean diet. I am doing this alongside a beginners Blogilaties workout regime and training for a 5k. This journey is being documneted on my new Instagram account @empoweredtochange. Both the eating plan and workout regime are doing so well that already I have noticed a huge difference in my body and how I feel. This is a huge victory I ought to be celebrating! Yet I have allowed my frustrations in other areas to overshadow this.

What I should have done is accept what I wanted to do could not be done in the timescale I had set myself. It wasn’t a failure. I just need more time to learn. I have to give myself grace. This includes catching up on a project because of the whole printer episode. I want to spend time each week on mixed media art. I chose to do The Documented Life Project again this year. I ordered a customized planner especially for it…

So what I’m going to do is enjoy the process of catching up. Then I will take baby steps in learning the art of designing your own images, and using the portrait. I set myself a pretty impossible goal because I didn’t just want to learn how to use the machine, I wanted to learn how to use editing software…something I really don’t enjoy.

Celebrating Little Victories!

So, like I said, I’ve started Pop Pilates with Blogilaties. Now here are little victories I can celebrate! My meal plan is fantastic. I can really mix it up and I’m loving all these meals! Victory one!

I managed to find my own little space to workout in peace and quiet. Victory two!

Finally, I am seeing a noticeable difference in my body! Massive victory three, but I’m not posting a before and after photo yet! And even when I do It may just be on my Instagram account, Empowered To Change!

So remember, if you do have goals set and you don’t achieve them in the timescale you set, give yourself a permission slip to accept it. So long as you don’t give up completely!

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