Miracles, Breakthroughs, and Serendipitous Happenings

Bear with me, this is a long one. I need to first lay the foundation to give you some context. Now is the time to put on the kettle, sit back, and relax as I share with you my latest happenINGs.

It must be about three years ago, one fateful day, when I was at a complete end of circumstances in my life, I walked into a charity shop and picked up a book titled “The Artists Way”. Having a love of creating beautiful things and being a spiritual person, this book excited me. I quickly purchased it and snuck it away, excited to delve into it at home with a coffee.

As I walked to my next shop I was contemplating the situation I was now in. I had just left the church. For years I wasn’t seeing any changes in my life. Things just worsened, the house, finances. The faith I had was intact but barely. You see…

…something wasn’t working.

I believed, prayed, was committed, but life was a mess.

In the next shop there were some books. Hungry and desperate for answers, I browsed through them as if I was digging for treasure. That’s when I came across 5:2 Your life by Kate Harrison. It spoke of improoving every area of your life. My limiting beliefs would have prevented me from picking up such a book only weeks before. But because of where I was at, those limits started to slowly crumbled away.

Anyway, there I was, flicking through the book, slightly skeptical yet intrigued, when I saw it….

“This activity is….adapted from an exercise in The Artists Way book by Julia Cameron.”

I almost gasped out loud. I was stuck to the spot. Needless to say I then hastened to buy the book.

What happened between then and now I write about in My Story.

Working through 5:2 your life was the catalyst for massive life changes. I believe with all my heart I was divinely led that day. I was more open to hearing the Spirit. But the next two years were very mixed. I set up a blog in response to making positive life changes.This led to an Instagram account. I got to know a new community of women through journal/planner groups. I was accepted and offered to be on an amazing woman’s design team. Changes were happening. But I still felt in a fog, held onto resentments, hurt, frustration, and at times, depression.

One day last year, I got a glimpse into what could and would be. A way of stepping out of all the fog and into what I can only describe as seeing very clearly. It was after applying a principle in The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He talks about the “ego”. From my Christian background I recognized this as the flesh. Both words are interchangeable so I’ll use ego from now on. Things started to go really well. Breakthroughs happened. But I didn’t keep it up because I didn’t fully understand.

Then this year I hit bottom. One negative thought brought in a bout of depression that wouldn’t shift. I was not happy to be back in this place. I absolutely refused this was going to be my life. So I took myself out for the day.

Being a book lover, and equating book hunting with treasure hunting, I went to the biggest Waterstones I knew of within easy access.  It didn’t take long for me to be drawn to a book and purchase it…


Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. The foreword by another life changing author, Marianne Williamson. Between reading this and her next book, Add More ing To Your Life, and applying the principles taught, things started happenING!

Que Miracles

Where to start?! Well, people I respected and was inspired by just started to come into my life. I seemed to start attracting a whole lot of positive in my life. Generous random acts of kindness. Lovely messages from lovely people. Really big doors of opportunity opening up. Commission earned for recommending a product. People I meet were friendly. A big company would like my pictures on IG. I was sent something I had only been drooling over days before. I’d forgive someone and come across them later that day.Things just seemed to, well, flow.

Even the universe started to display rare happenings. I was out with my youngest and my husband walking the dog whe I saw what looked like a giant oil spill in the sky or aurora borealis. As it turned out, it was a rare phenominan called Nacreous Clouds. We managed to get a photo but it didn’t bring out the colours..


Then, on Thursday 11th February, I was feeling frustrated in the morning. I really wanted to design and paint stickers for some dashboards to go in my Etsy shop. However I was really unsure of myself. I have never taken my art this far. I discovered a love of mixed media but I wasn’t sure I could watercolour images good enough to turn into stickers and sell. That one negative thought had the potential to suck me into a negative spiral downward. So I spent some time meditating and praying for guidance.

Then I took my daughter out for the day.

We were having a lovely day. Everything I needed I found. Then, on our way to grab some lunch, we stopped into a couple of charity (thrift) shops. I was in there all of a minute when I look up and something caught my eye.

A picture.

It was a print of artwork done in mixed media. I knew this wasn’t a cheap, random, mass produced imaged. Something about it spoke to me. Then I saw the words;

SEEKER (of all things brave)


It was priced up as 50p ! In the same shop I found a book (surprise, surprise, lol) which was also very timely and practically screamed “Buy me!” So I did.

When I got home I was floored by what was written on the back of the painting. Remember what I felt and prayed about that morning? Well bear that in mind as you read this next bit!

Author and artist Kelly Rae Roberts started her career as a social worker but later decided to follow her hearts passion to become an artist. After ignoring a yearning for art most of her life, Kelly Rae finally put paint to paper, and she discovered a whole new world. Her dream of pursuing art became a reality, and Kelly Rae’s work is now collected and cherished worldwide.”

Kelly herself goes on to say;

My hope is that my work invokes a sense of clarity and peace inside of you as you walk your won path in life, and that it inspires you to discover your own limitlessness.”

Wow….just WOW!

I couldn’t drink it in fast enough.

The next day, I woke up, checked my emails, and set about doing my devotions. Kelly’s painting now on the wall beside me. I opened chapter 6 of “Add More ing to Your Life” and then began the meditation at the end of the chapter.This chapter was about thinking higher, more positive thoughts.

Here is what I saw and subsequently journaled:

I’m at the mountain peak. It has a hard flat surface. Surrounding me for miles are mountain peaks. The sky is blue. The sun is shining. I recollect all debts we have and imagine them on paper. I say out loud, “I receive a miracle…” As a breeze comes in, I let go of all the pieces of paper….As they blow off and up towards heaven, I notice a solitary dandelion flower in a tiny patch of grass. As I look at it and move towards it, the grass rapidly spreads outward and I find myself in a field full of flowers, a meadow. I knew I am in the Swiss alps. 

But then I realize something. After checking my emails that morning I caught a glimpse of something in the news. All it said was the Duchess of York is applying for residency in Switzerland. Having had a vision of the alps I decide to google the story. What I saw next stunned me. I looked for the best source of the story I could find, clicked on it, and as I did something in this particular headline caught my attention. I thought I must have been seeing things. But when the page loaded there it was, (remember what my mediation had been about, higher, more positive thoughts).


What are the chances of all this coming together?! I have barely been able to soak it all in. And all this is just the beginning!

I’m sorry for the long post but I wanted to make sure you got the context of things. I pondered whether or not to share this and after getting a positive response I decided I would. I’m sure there will be many more positive life changes, miracles, breakthroughs, and that this is just the beginning. If this post gets a good response maybe I will start sharing more with you.

Thank you for staying with me this far! I appreciate you stopping by and would love to hear from you.



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  1. Wow….I am so loving following your amazing and beautiful journey… so awesome!!. You are such a lovely and inspirational lady xxx

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