Easter Happy Mail Blog Hop!

Today will be my first blog hop! I will be teaming up with the lovely Anna Brim of Mrs Brimbles and the rest of the design team! We were talking about sending each other one of those pocket letters with an Easter theme. However, I have never really been a fan (gasp! I know, I know). ThereforeRead more

When You’re Done You’ve Just Got To Pitch Your Tent And Light Your Stove.

“As I stood there, I knew I was done for the day, though when I’d stopped I’d intended to push on. Too tired to light my stove and exhausted to be hungry in any case, I pitched my tent, though it was only four in the afternoon.” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild Every so often inRead more

Shine Where You Are. Bloom Where You Don’t Want To Be Planted.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this that I do not like where I live. I always believed it was temporary. Sixteen years later, I’m still here. Let me give you some background to the story. It’s not pretty so lets get it out of the way. Maybe some of youRead more

It’s All About The Unicorns! – February Brimbles Box

  Happy sigh….February’s Brimble box. It’s all about the unicorns and I am one happy lady. I received the Big Stationery Box which “…is exactly the same as our regular box only it has more of those goodies inside for you to enjoy!”  You’re not wrong there Mrs B!!!! To give you a true sense ofRead more

I Had A Real Miracle This Morning!

Mid dream the alarm woke me. I got out of bed, turned off the alarm, and lay back down for a few seconds. The thought of coffee and precious quiet time didn’t keep me in bed for long. It was still dark outside but I could make out the light of the sun. I didn’tRead more

My Miracle Morning – Day 3

  My phone woke me at 6am this morning as it quietly vibrated on the table beside me. Honestly, that’s all I have to set it on to wake me. For a split second I deliberated with myself whether to practice the ‘S’ of my S.A.V.E.R.S (Silence/meditation) in bed, and then get up. It wasRead more

I Bought Myself A Skipping Rope Yesterday

I swear, this finding your flow business is a funny thing. You know where it has me now? Being my 7 year old self again (more about that in another post). After I read Add More ing To Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein, I committed to living out some of the “ing Equations’ contained in her book.Read more

My Miracle Morning

So lately, since practicing affirmations in the morning, visualization, prayer, and mediation, I have been guided very precisely. If I had to describe it I would say it feels like being caught in a current and allowing it to take you where it wills. I found my flow! As I happily relaxed into the current,Read more