My Miracle Morning

So lately, since practicing affirmations in the morning, visualization, prayer, and mediation, I have been guided very precisely. If I had to describe it I would say it feels like being caught in a current and allowing it to take you where it wills. I found my flow!

As I happily relaxed into the current, soaking in the things you’d normally miss if you were stuck in a negative attitude, I came to Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning. I’d come across it before but shamefully I didn’t take much notice. Urgh!!! Why did I not get this book sooner! Anyway, the night I came across it, again, I was feeling giddy positive about some new ideas I had. You may recall I started and gave up, pretty much straight away, bullet journaling. But I had this idea to start it up again in conjunction with some other ideas. So, in the morning, I went on a mini adventure!

It was actually supposed to be me just popping into town to pick up the copy I’d reserved. However, I received a call to say they turned the place upside down to find it but couldn’t.

So I reserved a copy in the city, jumped on the bus, still high on life regardless of the change in plans.

Got to the bookshop and….

“We’re ever so sorry about this but we’ve looked everywhere and we don’t seem to have it in stock. I don’t know how this could have happened.”


Fortunately there is a second branch up the road so they make a call.

Victory! They have a copy! I make my way to the other branch.

Well, I have no idea what that was all about. I failed to grasp any meaning out of it but I finally have the book in hand. I go for a well earned coffee!

miracle morning book

Head Start

Reading the book…in like two days…I can see I have a head start already. I’m practicing my affirmations, visualization, journaling, reading, etc etc. However, some of those things I’m not doing everyday and I most certainly haven’t been doing them anytime before 8am!!! And if I have to be honest, I don’t feel I’m reaching my potential with them. Apart from being guided I’m getting frustrated with a lack of change on the outside. You bet I’m changing on the inside, for sure! But, sigh, I don’t know, I want so much for my family and I really want to see some manifestations of what I’m praying for and visualizing.

Que why I must be guided to this book and the bullet journaling. I’m learning….slowly.

As I prepare to start the 30 day transformation challenge, something tells me to give it a day before I start. It was my daughters birthday the next day and it didn’t feel right starting it then. So I gave it a day which also gave me a chance to prepare for it and get my mind all geared up.

Hal assures me it will be like waking up on Christmas morning. Oh, if only he knew how close he was saying that!

My Miracle Morning

The alarm goes off.

Actually, I just have my phone set to vibrate. That is enough to wake me.

My phone is in a place where I’m forced to get out of bed to switch off the alarm.

I open my bedroom door. Bleary eyed I look out of the window. It’s still dark but I see something..

“Mmmm that rain is really coming down but I don’t hear anything. Strange.” I rub my eyes.


But it’s March. Spring is on it’s way. We don’t get much snow let alone it ever settling. But there it was, settling. Everything was white outside, just like….


And what do other parts of our island have? Sun!!!!

My first day of Miracle Morning and behold…a miracle.

You know, it’s when we’re doing the best we can and seeing next to no results when heaven gives us a little encouragement, right when we need it. It comes at a time where we can do nothing other than read it as a sign. I try not to read much into things, however there are times when things align and you have to take notice, give thanks, and act upon it.

Right then, let’s see what tomorrow will bring shall we!




6 thoughts on “My Miracle Morning

  1. I love this! You should definitely start a series about your ‘Miracle Mornings’ as a way of keeping track of the positive things going on around you. Love that you are finding your flow. I’ve challenged myself this month to listen to worship music everyday and I’m already seeing an improvement in my mind and they way I feel.

    1. You’re on! One of my habits (goals) is to post more frequently so I shall use the Miracle Morning as blog fodder! That’s a fantastic idea re listening to worship music each day. It’s encouraging to see the positive impact it has had so far. Thanks for leaving the comments Emma!!!

    1. Charlie!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! I will do just that and, oh, the snow has pretty much gone can you believe it!!! <3

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