I Bought Myself A Skipping Rope Yesterday

I swear, this finding your flow business is a funny thing. You know where it has me now? Being my 7 year old self again (more about that in another post). After I read Add More ing To Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein, I committed to living out some of the “ing Equations’ contained in her book. She equates a physical activity with rethinking (reprogramming an old thought pattern from negative to positive). In this particular case the moving equation of skipping is coupled with Forgiving…

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Forgiving for me has been very hard, I’m not going to lie. I have really struggled in this area. But more recently, after being taught a visualization technique, I have found past unforgiveness gone and old wounds heal. The skipping rope for me now is for all those times I find myself with an un-forgiving block!

So there you go, I, at 38 years young, bought myself a skipping rope!

Miracle Morning – Day 2

Being the weekend, I set my alarm half an hour later than I would a weekday. I wanted to get up before the sun was fully up, yet there was no reason to get up any earlier as I’d have plenty of quiet time being the weekend. I’ve decided, as part of the Miracle Morning routine, I want to start appreciating that magical moment just before the sun comes up. This means mornings are about to start getting earlier!!! It’s one of the best times of the day and I just sleep right through it!

Part of the routine is to get dressed in your exercise clothes so you’re ready for the day. So, while I was out shopping yesterday, you know, buying a skipping rope, I picked up this awesome top!


What a perfect reminder of why I’m doing the Miracle Morning! Also, it’s a leap of faith for warmer weather! Lol

In a next post I will share with you my bullet journaling and how I’m using it for the Miracle Morning. I have decided to use the notebook I reserved as a Fauxbonichi as it makes the perfect bullet journal. You can see the notebook in this post.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!




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