I Had A Real Miracle This Morning!

Mid dream the alarm woke me. I got out of bed, turned off the alarm, and lay back down for a few seconds. The thought of coffee and precious quiet time didn’t keep me in bed for long. It was still dark outside but I could make out the light of the sun. I didn’t have long before daylight.

With coffee in hand, I got settled at my desk and proceeded to sit in silence. But my mind was cluttered from the dream I had been jarred awake from. I tried some affirmations to focus my thoughts. I then ended up chasing the dog round the house. It was a completely unsettled morning.

The Miracle!

In the end I just decided to read. I prayed for guidance and direction.

As I read the lesson from A Course In Miracles it was like scales fell from my eyes and I just got it. I totally understood what it was teaching. It is what some call a Rhema word I guess. It’s times like this you HAVE to have a pen and paper to hand. I grabbed my notebook and pen. I have about a gazillion pens, no joke! I have loads. But I wanted to write with my preferred pens. Ones with the fine nib. Expensive or cheap, I don’t care, so long as the nib is fine. I found one eventually. I started to write.

It didn’t work.

I tried everything. Wetting the nib. Frantically scribbling. Undoing it and putting it back together. Got another pen from the same pack. That didn’t work so I did the same..


I then remembered what I had just learned. And then something amazing happened to me. It was like knowledge was being uploaded into my head, adding more to what I learned this morning. I sat there and received it. It went a little like this…

If my body is not my reality. If I am not my body, but a spirit, a soul, then my true self is not bound by the same laws as my body. I then pictured how I, as a created being, part of the larger created universe, and made up of the same stuff, must have the same abilities as it all. It self creates. The universe is constantly abundant and creating as if from nothing. I then remember how I read about electrons changing while being observed. With all this in mind I did a little experiment.

I looked at my pen without judgement. This goes back to the very first lesson in ACIM. I told it that it’s function was to write. I then pictured the ink flowing as I observed it. I then took a piece of paper and proceeded to write;

This pen will start to work.”

As I wrote the ‘t’ I saw ink! The pen started to work!!! This is the piece of paper I wrote on…


I then proceeded to write my journal entry for that morning with the pen and it worked beautifully!


I’m going to be pondering the truth of this for a while!

Creative Journaling

Before I end this post I would like to share something else with you. For those of you who are new here, you may not know that I have been keeping a spiritual journal for a while now. Even before I started The Miracle Morning. Everything significant I will create a page or two in order to remember it. So here are my pages for this morning. I will film a flip through soon for my YouTube channel.



Has anyone else had significant things happen to them with a dedication, more positive lifestyle? Let me know! Comments are moderated so may take a while to appear once submitted. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!



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