Moving Into My Coral Carpe Diem Planner By Simple Stories

After giving bullet journaling a go I decided, as practical as it is, I soon became bored. As planning goes it worked. However, I love to plan not for planning sakes, but for the creative self expression the planner world has to offer. I also combine this with journaling. For example, I have my Lyradori from Lyra and Co which allows me to journal and plan creatively.

So when I received the A5 Coral planner by Simple Stories I craved something brighter, more fun and vibrant than pages of lists. So I got to work, pulling out all my journal cards, washi tapes, stickers, and ephemera I’ve collected over time. I chose only what had meaning to me and went also for practicality. For example, I put some washi which I wanted to use in my planner onto a card. I went on to decorate the card. The result being pretty AND practical! Win win!

I had a small card that has practically screamed volumes to me every day. It’s been sat on my desk waiting for me to give it a home. ‘Make it happen!’ it kept saying (sorry, I couldn’t resist)! So I made it happen. That home was finally found!

Shaker Dashboards

As some of you may know I make shaker dashboards for planners. It was put on the back burner for a while. Until now. I really wanted one for this planner. I was going all out to make this fun and bright! I picked out the colours and voila!

The great thing about the shaker dashboard is you can put anything behind it, a picture, a quote, and you can still see it through all the glittery, shiny goodness!

I’m really very happy with how this has turned out. I’ll be experimenting with different page layout styles, while keeping the practicality side as I have more things going on which I need to put into the planner.

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