Cambs Mini Planner Con.

Wow! Where to start? This conference has literally changed my life. I can say I have never before sat in a room filled with so many creative, lovely, kind, like minded women. Every single one of the women who attended were so lovely and inspirational. It’s that I will take away with me the most. In itself, the conference was a very healing process.

Friday – London Bound!

So I actually traveled down the day before to meet with fellow design team member, and friend, Charlie of Sea Salt and Paper. Before meeting up I had a wander through London, and popped into Kikki k to visit a fellow planner group member, Joey. She’s become something of a celeb in the planner world!

Not that I needed much persuasion, but I also bought my first Kikki K planner! The quality won me over!

I then made my way to the tube and on to Paddington to meet Charlie! We headed for Sussex where we stayed with with my brother and sister-in-law for the night.

Saturday – The Day Of The Conference

We arrived in Victoria and met up with blogger, Youtuber, and owner of the online shop, Cloudy Cow, Daisy! We all got on so well that as we were gabbing away on the train WE MISSED OUR STOP!!! We ended up in Huntingdon!

We managed to get a train back to where we were supposed to get off and in no time we were at the conference.

Planner Con & My First Speaking Engagement!

I saw many familiar faces from the group. It was so easy to talk to people because not only did you knew them online but because they were so warm and welcoming. We didn’t have much time to greet everyone initially as the lovely Anna, who organised the whole event, started to get things underway. Thankfully we started with a calming/meditation exercise which really helped because I was to speak next!

Now, this is a major goal accomplished. I set myself, just over a year ago, the huge goal of one day speaking in public. I can now check that off the list. When the opportunity arose I didn’t allow myself to think or I wouldn’t have done it. I just took it. Because everyone was so lovely it made the whole experience a lot easier. I felt I was just talking to friends, which I was I hope! I then handed over to everyone else who had anything they wanted to add.

Next, Anna spoke and gave a ton of inspirational ideas. Pens frantically making notes of all the ideas she gave. She then also asked if anyone had anything they wanted to say and so many suggestions and ideas came up. It was fantastic and so inspiring!

We then had some food and this gave us an opportunity to chat to those we had not yet been able to say hello to.

Once we ate, Anna announced we were going to play pass the parcel! Absolutely fantastic idea! I’ve no idea how long it took her to wrap them but it was brilliant. Everyone won something!

Goody bags were given out and with them we were to spend some time getting creative. I took this opportunity to check out and drool over everyone’s planners! I also checked out Anna’s shop!

And before we knew it the whole thing was over. We had run out of time. There was a mad dash for selfies and my friend Charlie got this fantastic one of me and the amazing Mrs Brimbles herself!!!

List Of Vlogs And Blog Posts Of The Event

Below are links to others documentation and review of the day. Just click on the names and it will take you there. Thanks for stopping by!

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I will continue to add to the list as I gather more links. Xx






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