Combating Negative Attitudes Towards Shopping Malls And Being Inspired Instead

As I have been on this journey of dealing with the destructive habit of criticism, condemnation, and complaint and learning to think and speak positively, many ingrained beliefs I didn’t even know where there, have been coming to the surface. Seemingly insignificant or even what some would call ridiculous things. But these are the flies in the ointmentRead more

Power Of Imagination To Change Our Lives

Imagination. As a child it comes easily to us. Our whole world is lived through the eyes of imagination. Everything is magical. Anything is possible. And if that wasn’t enough, we had friends who saw and shared our visions. They even added to them too. There was no judgement. Just hours of adventure and laughter. Then weRead more

Royal Planner Box Unboxing May 2016

I was contacted by the lovely Nikki of The Royal Planner asking if I would like to receive one of her new planner subscription boxes. I jumped at the chance. This is my honest review…and honestly, I’m blown away. Yep, I’m jumping in right from the start and gushing about this box! So I believe I receivedRead more

Brighton – Creative Journal Process Video

So last Saturday I met up with the lovely Anna of Mrs Brimbles and Daisy of My Green Cow, in Brighton for Daisy’s birthday. It was honestly a life changing day. Sometimes, people so amazing, are put in your life so you can bless and heal one another. This was certainly the case here. The dayRead more

Girls Day Out Process Video

We’ve been blessed with some awesome weather lately. With it can come noise from neighbours, so I decided to take my daughter out for the day somewhere nice. We treated ourselves to coffee, cake, and milkshake. We also went for a walk by the canal before going home. Sometimes you just have to accept aRead more

Happy Mail With Mrs Brimbles

  I have always loved sending beautiful mail to penpals. Sometimes I get more excited about giving than I do receiving! When I received this months Brimbles box I couldn’t wait to create bright and cheery happy mail to friends I made at last months Planner Con. The blue cloud envelopes gave me an idea onRead more

Journal Letters and Process Video

  So I had a couple of letter journals to take part in and send off. Inspired by bright neon’s and some washi tape I found my flow and really loved creating them! Letter journals are a great way to share your art and build up a collection of other peoples art from around the world.Read more

Planner Con Journal Pages And Process Video

Today I finally managed to get round to pulling everything together from planner con and documenting it in my journal. The journal is a regular size travelers notebook insert and so is limited for space. It is surprising, however, just how much you can cram into these! And the best part is I get toRead more

Who Lights You Up?

There was a time I would dim my light to fit it. Not only that, I would allowed the actions of others to cause me to recoil into resentment and all sorts of negative emotions. All this led me to hide my authentic self. One day my true self could no longer remain hidden. IRead more