Who Lights You Up?

There was a time I would dim my light to fit it. Not only that, I would allowed the actions of others to cause me to recoil into resentment and all sorts of negative emotions.

All this led me to hide my authentic self.

One day my true self could no longer remain hidden. I craved authenticity.

Without realising it, the unconscious actions of others would lead me to become my authentic, whole self.

I am the heroine of my story and only I could take control and change things.

So I did.

But in the process I had to learn what forgiveness is. After I saw those who hurt me as unconscious and blind to their own authentic self, I no longer felt resentment or bitterness. I felt sorry for them. They know not what they do.

I left the environment of draining, negative energy that felt as if it was sucking the very life from me and began to surround myself with those who light me up. And in turn, impart light, life and love to them.

My journal entry documents this moment in my life.





Below is the accompanying process video for this journal entry. Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope this encouraged and/or inspired you today.


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