Power Of Imagination To Change Our Lives

Imagination. As a child it comes easily to us. Our whole world is lived through the eyes of imagination. Everything is magical. Anything is possible. And if that wasn’t enough, we had friends who saw and shared our visions. They even added to them too.

There was no judgement.

Just hours of adventure and laughter.

Then we grew up and it all disappeared.

I argue that our greatest power and tool for living is constantly being robbed from us as we grow up. In turn we can even become one of those who rob such tools from our children.

The power of Imagination and Make Believe.

Have you ever really stopped to ponder why it’s called make believe?

Children exercise something vital that scientists are only now proving fact. The power our thoughts actually have. The physical effect on both the brain and the body. Not only that but extending out into our lives too. Then there is the fascinating study of quantum physics and the observer effect. We are the observers. Mind changes matter. It’s a far too in depth topic to write about here. However , it is worth a serious look in your free time.

The area of imagination has been the area I was most bullied in from an early age. I had a sidekick so I didn’t allow it to get to me too much. But once I moved away and had to make new friends, everything changed for me. It was then I began to allow what others thought of me dictate how I lived my life in order to fit in.

I am now 38. 30 years later, I am recovering and getting back what was robbed from me. My imagination and the power of make believe. Technically it wasn’t robbed from me. I always had the power of choice. I gave it away. So really, I’m taking back what I gave away.

In living in the world of their imagination children are actually living in a dimension only few adults ever really find. Some of us get a glimpse of it watching movies that ignite our imagination, but then we return to earth with a bump when the end credits start rolling. Children won’t…they carry on and create more scenes to the movie. Adults just get depressed wishing their lives were different and more exciting! The children make a noise living out the movie so we kick them out or tell them to be quiet without realising they hold the key to actually change our lives. I’ll come to this later.

Negative thoughts, complaining, holding a grudge, stress, fear, working in a job we hate and ignoring what lights us up because of fear. These are all things we learn as we grow. But it doesn’t make any of them right and yet most of us have come to accept them as part of our make up. We may face a fear one time but that’s possibly as far as we go. These can all be thought of a new pathways we have made for ourselves. Actual, physical brain pathways. The Bible mentions something called Renewing the Mind. This is actually a scientific fact. Neuro plasticity. We can create new pathways and destroy old ones. How? We replace the old, toxic thoughts with new, power thoughts that create health and life. In living out of their imagination children are growing and strengthening very powerful neurological pathways we need to live a full abundant life.

The Fourth Dimension

For the past few years I have slowly been replacing judgmental, unforgiving, complaining thoughts with new positive ones. Ones of grace, forgiveness, and gratitude. At first it’s been a slow process as I learn to change my thoughts. But as you become more advance, you realize you need to step it up a gear. This is where affirmations and visioning comes in. This is where I learned about something called the Fourth Dimension.

Basically, I believe the world we see everyday isn’t all there is. Far from it. I know, in my heart, there is another dimension to our lives. The one we secretly crave for. Like Peter when he walked on the water to Jesus. He just stopped believing at a really bad time!!! I believe miracles are our birthright and should be the norm!

Children grow in the power to live in that dimension before it is taken from them.

It is an added dimension where we are co creators. Co creators with God and the universe. Where we have power over space and time. Where we, one single individual, has the power to change the world. Some have accomplished this truth. They are the ones who didn’t listen to what others said but were true to what they believed and followed what lit them up. They pursued that inner calling.

I will no longer be held back


The card above I received from a dear friend. I loved the artwork. But as I showed another friend she pointed out something about it that really spoke into my life. There was a broken line that represented me being held back from moving forward. I knew this to be true. Later that very day I received a very clear answer to what it was exactly that held me back. I filled in that line to represent my readiness to move forward and that nothing was holding me back anymore.

I have been listening to the strong inner calling to step up into my wholeness and to where I belong. Wrong, toxic, limited teaching has taught me to believe what I desire couldn’t possibly be true or for me.

How very wrong I and they, those misinformed teachers, were. I was constantly allowing myself to be held back. As a result my life has been one of lack and struggle.

No more.

I choose to step up. I have created a vision board for things I know my heart is tugging me towards, like my inner child grabbing my adult self’s hand and saying “COME ON!! IT’S THIS WAY!!!” My vision board can be carried around with me in my journal with my daily affirmations. Affirmations that replace toxic, unbelieving thoughts should they arise.

Today I answer the call to step up. Will you?






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