Combating Negative Attitudes Towards Shopping Malls And Being Inspired Instead

As I have been on this journey of dealing with the destructive habit of criticism, condemnation, and complaint and learning to think and speak positively, many ingrained beliefs I didn’t even know where there, have been coming to the surface. Seemingly insignificant or even what some would call ridiculous things. But these are the flies in the ointment and if not dealt with can stall your growth, transformation and dare I say, fully entering into your destiny, your calling.

Today I want to write about something that has very recently come up and been addressed for me. It calls for boldness and a need to be firmly established in what you think. Many will laugh about what I’m about to say thinking it to be totally insignificant to them. If you’re one of them you can close the page now. But if you’re like me, taught unconsciously to accept an opinion, read on.

The opinion I’m talking about is our whole attitude towards certain things…in this case shopping malls and shopping in general really. The negative opinion I want to address today is the one that makes the creative types feel guilty in their love of being drawn and inspired by the creations of others. 

Paperchase, Manchester
Paperchase, Manchester

Nine times out of ten we hear the first negative:

  1. You’re just being sucked into the gimmick of marketing and sales techniques. You’re a fool for falling for it.

Not all of us are so naive. Yes, you have those who spend money recklessly. They have an underlying issue or issues to address. But, as is so often the case, because of this, because of our nations debt and a select few peoples genuine addiction to shopping, the baby (in this case shops) is thrown out with the bathwater.

Very often when I am out shopping, it is more to be inspired. As a creative I love colours, patterns, textures, and how these things are put together and displayed. I love to to see the creations of others. Before that item made it to the self, an individual, or team, came up with that idea in their minds. I get inspired by their creations and come away with something more priceless without even having to buy it. That inspiration then becomes some kind of form in my life, be it art or the way I choose to create my space at home.

Another negative we hear is:

2. Shopping malls are temples of worship to the god of shopping, or whatever.

This is mainly used by those deeply religious who see anything other than their point of view as sin and condemn everyone for setting one foot in a mall. The shopping mall is the same as anywhere else. It totally depends on the person visiting. They may have an addiction to shopping or food but that only highlights the fact they are humans that are hurting and need healing in an area. It has no reflection on the shops themselves.

Now For The Positive

Shops and shopping malls for me, after having dealt with the negative beliefs I once had rolling around in my mind that condemned and made guilty, are places of inspiration and creativity. Many people are walking in their callings dressing windows, creating beautiful items to sell and make a living, or serving customers because that’s what they love to do. It lights them up. You can tell those kinds of people. And it’s fantastic when we come across them!
Selfridges, Trafford Centre

They are places of socialization. People come together. Some of those people have anxiety and have bravely stepped out of their comfort zones just to meet with their friends. Shops, such as Paperchase, have even started workshops, called Project Craft, so you can create and socialize!
Project Craft Workshop

They are art galleries. This is how I see them. And why not. I will go now to be inspired without feeling guilty. I take photo’s of anything that lights me up and I know I don’t need to buy. Sometimes there will be something I know I need and can buy. But Shopping malls, for me, are more a place to be inspired or to socialize.
Zara Home, Trafford Centre

It really does depend on how you view the world. I change my thoughts to reflect only the positive. I know there are shops and people who run them that are unscrupulous, I’m not ignorant to the fact. Shops that I know clearly to be unethical I won’t buy from. In fact this brings me to me final point…

The Small Independent Shops

When it comes to actually buying I prefer the little guys. Buying from small independent shops, such as those on Etsy. I love unique handmade items. I love supporting small businesses. Where you can window shop often with some of these shops is through their Instagram account, should they have one.

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