Breakthroughs Are Coming!

Yesterday morning, I awoke to what potentially, could have been the start of another downward spiral into despair. I immediately recognized the triggering thought and began dealing with it. It wasn’t easy, but this time, there was a strength within me that rose up saying, ‘No! No way this is happening again. Not a chance!’

It all started when I entertained a worry about money, for only a split second. But it was enough to bring on complaining about all my work in changing my thoughts to more positive ones, having faith, and believing for dreams was all for nothing and didn’t do diddly! That then tempted me to give up.

But I have not come this far to give up now!

Anyway, I sent up a cry for help, closed my eyes, and did what I have started to do in these kinds of situations. I see the entire universe full of abundance, sending out constant positive energy, vibrations and light, for that is what we are all made up of. I allowed myself to feel and receive it. I was then in a state of gratitude and knowing that my breakthroughs are there for the taking. They’re coming. They are even now manifesting.

A Huge Wake Up Call!

Later that day, as we were dropping off my daughter at the stables, I got an instant wake up call. My eyes were suddenly opened. These stables are located down a road I discovered while looking for a new house last year. I found it online…on Google maps. I’d never known about this road and it cut through all countryside. This appealed to me so I took a “walk” down it via Google street view. Haha, have you ever done that? I bet I’m not the only one! Anyway, I then found the area I wanted to live in while my children attend secondary school in the same area. I visualized walking down there and living there. I did this for a while. That was until my hopes were dashed when my husband said he didn’t want to live there.

Then one day, as my daughter looked for a new horse, she found one she was interested in loaning and asked if we could have a look.

Of all the places….it was down this road!

We now drive down there nearly everyday. What’s more is that my husband now wants to move there and we have been looking at houses in the area.

Now, while I’m still believing for the house, this situation woke me up to things that have been coming to pass and manifesting since I first believed and visualized them. I then heard a clear inner voice warning me in the most gracious way. It said;

“Be very careful! Everything you have been believing for, dreaming for, changing for, is here. It has been manifesting in the form of small beginnings. These in turn are now coming together to birth your dreams. If you give up now they will be aborted. Now is the time to prepare and get busy.”

Never have the words, “Do not despise the day of small beginnings”, been as relevant to me as they have now.

Don’t Give Up Now!

So you’ve heard it all before but I’m telling you now, don’t give up. If you have been pressing forwards all this time and haven’t seen the end result/s, STOP! Take a inventory of all the things that have happened to you lately. The little things. The opportunities, not matter how small they may seem. The “coincidences”. Are you seeing something here? Now document those and keep going. It really could be that something incredible is just around the corner!


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