Making A Vision Board Insert For Your Traveler’s Notebook

As I was contemplating vision boards and how using the inside pockets of my traveler’s notebook wasn’t enough, I instantly came up with an idea of how to make an vision board insert using actual cork sheet.

Materials Needed:

A4 corksheet 3mm. You can buy from Fred Aldous

Double sided tape

A4 card

Craft knife


Cutting mat

Small brad pins

Items to pin on your board

*Optional: Acetate

Step One

You will need to cut a sheet of cork and cardboard to the size of your chosen traveler’s notebook. You can open out an insert you already have, lay it flat and use it as your template. Otherwise, you can find size guides here.

Step Two

Mark the centre of your cork sheet and cut aprox 1cm width to create two sheets which, when placed on the plain card, leave a 1cm gap. This will be your spine. Before sticking the cork down, create a fold in the cardboard. This makes things easier later.

Step Three

Next, stick down your cork sheets using double sided sticky tape. I tried glue but it didn’t work too well.

Making A Cover *Optional

Okay, you could technically leave it at that. However, you will see the brad pins on either side coming through.

You can create a cover to hide these. What you use is entirely up to you. I chose acetate.

Cut a piece of your chosen material to the size of your insert and create a fold down the centre. You can staple or stitch this to the insert.

Here is what I did with mine. I used acetate and stitched down the spine. Et voila!

I hope you liked this idea and it inspires you to make your own. I’d love to see what you come up with!





7 thoughts on “Making A Vision Board Insert For Your Traveler’s Notebook

    1. Hi Bonita, everything you make is GORGEOUS too! Your blog and IG is pure eye candy for creatives, lol! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Brianna. Brads aren’t permanent. I have taken them out and put other stuff in with them. I’m not really sure what else would work to be honest. I’ll think on it and let you know though Xx

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