Live Far Beyond Boundaries

The above quote came to me one morning as I was nursing a wound. Since my lifestyle change a few years ago where I left behind negativity and toxic people, I made it a point to say to those who wanted to remain in my life that they either accept me for who I am or we part ways.

Not too long ago I responded to a letter from an old friend, who wanted to get back in touch, by saying I was not the same person they remember. In fact they may not even recognize me. I’m happier, freer, positive, healthier, at peace, and full of big dreams. If they were serious about getting in touch again then they were not aloud to come back in, judge me, and walk back out.

Well, they did just that and more in a matter of hours.

Hence the wound.

I felt used (to appease their conscience), judged (my new lifestyle was judged), and rejected (they later gave back a gift I had blessed them with because they did not want to associate with my new positive life).

As I sat on my bed close to tears I contemplated how I move on from this. What could I learn?

Then I heard the words being softly, yet pointedly, spoken to my heart. I quickly wrote them down.

Live so big & vast that any boundaries you set with people become void because you’re simply living way beyond their reach.

I didn’t need to go through the process of setting more boundaries. They were already firmly set when I started my new life.


I needed to let go, move on and LIVE BIG!

To live BIGGER than I was now. To EXPAND into new territory. To set BIGGER DREAMS.

To LIVE so VAST that the boundaries I did set don’t even come into play because I’m living so far from those who would try to cross those boundaries and wound or hurt me, intentionally or not. The only option for them is to look on, be blessed and choose the same for their life.

Otherwise, I am beyond their reach!

6 thoughts on “Live Far Beyond Boundaries

  1. I hv lived this way for years.. out of pure survival.. trust me.. I’ve had to not let certain ppl into my life as I chose to move on and live a bold, creative life. All they did was yes, judge and condemn me. It was never a good thing. So I let them go… and I pray for them but I still live my life… and it’s content, peaceful and beautiful. Don’t look back girl.. you aren’t going that way. xo loved this.. xo bonitarose

    1. Aw Bonita! I’m so glad you didn’t let them win. You are an AMAZING creative soul and your IG account is my favourite!!! Thank you for sharing that! Xx

  2. I found this really inspiring and i think i should take a leaf out of your book and get rid of all the toxic people in my life and now worry about what they think of me etc. then maybe my mental health will get better!!
    Thank you for sharing this me lovely!!

    1. Hi Gemma! Definitely start focusing on YOU! It’s not selfish but self love! As you do you will have more love and positive light to give and will start attracting your tribe. Those who want to remain in your life either accept you or they can move on. That’s never your concern because you’re busy living life to the fullest and having fun.
      Toxic people, unenlightened, tend to be joy killers and law givers. You will know them by their fruits!!! Stay away from them.
      Here if you ever want to chat, as always. Xx

  3. Thats lovely Geraldine! There are many toxic people out there who only thrive by hurting and belittling others, when in fact all they are doing is projecting their own fears and inadequacies onto you. You are a strong person, able to reflect and change, that is a gift in itself! Stay strong and be happy xxx

    1. Thanks Dawn!!! You are such a light! I guess that’s what I love the most about your videos! Thank you Xx <3

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