Planning And Journaling Creatively

Very recently I have been busy getting myself into the routine of regularly documenting different areas of my life via journals and planners. I used to try and keep everything all in one place but I just couldn’t. The creative in me cannot be so confined. This post focuses on journaling outside of my travelers notebooks.

When I was in London at a blogger event with fellow blogger Daisy of My Green Cow she pointed out the new planners. After picking up a smaller version than the one I already have, I was hooked. Off to the till I went and threw my money at them. I was now the proud owner of this beauty!

I am using this as a personal journal so many of the entries I share will be blurred out. Below are my entries so far!

Next up, I am using a Happy Planner Student Edition with Fitness Extension Pack for my fitness and positive thinking journal. This so far has been super helpful!!! I didn’t realise how much until I started to use it. I didn’t want it to be high maintenance, ie spend tons of time decorating it! But it’s taking on a very scrapbookish layout..

Next, for everyday planning and to do lists, I am using my Pirongs Unique Planner. I adore this little colourful planner. It’s VERY customisable! You can choose any cover, upload your own image, choose page styles, pick your own pages for the back….seriously, go check them out! I was honored to feature in one of their blog posts recently! See here.

I chose something vibrant and happy for my cover. I also added a positive quote..

I will regularly be posting over on my Instagram account updated images of journal entries for both these journals/planners.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by my creative corner of the internet! <3

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