A New Chapter Begins

For the longest time, without really realising it, I allowed fear to hold me back both as a person and stifle my authentic, creative self. I wouldn’t just keep things hidden from others, but from myself because of limiting beliefs. Fear kept those limiting beliefs in place. As I allowed myself more and more freedom, I’d surprise myself with great bursts of inspiration and creative ideas. Over time I’d come to realize my authentic true self could no longer be held in the self imposed prison. I could no longer allow others’ to dictate what they think I should think, believe in, live etc. For too many years I had squandered my life investing in the hopes, dreams and ideas of others and as a result detoured my own life.

But all is good!

Not an ounce of it was wasted. It has all worked towards rooting myself firmly in what I believe.

What do I believe?

I believe anything is possible.

I believe in the Great Creator.

I believe This Creator has given us power and He wants to teach us how to use it to co create making, not only our lives, but the lives of others infinitely better.

I am seeking to forge a creative alliance artist-to-artist with said Great Creator.

I believe in wonder and magic. In mysteries awaiting to be explored. In adventures. In a magnificent universe. In new beginnings every second of the day.

I believe the most powerful force is LOVE.

I believe in inspiring and encouraging others.

I believe in grace.

The past few days blocks have been removed and I now feel free to write and create in ways my authentic, true self has been crying out to.

So here’s to a new chapter!

I hope you enjoy it. Even more so I hope to inspire and encourage you to be your true authentic self and follow your dreams. Who’s with me?


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