Be True To Yourself

“Be true to the light within & carefully tend it that it may give an ever clearer light.” – Ralph Waldo Trine

I have come to learn that the greatest gift you can bestow upon this world is the gift of being your true, authentic self. Unhindered by limitations imposed upon you by man & institutions, fear & worry. People out there need YOU, not a version of who you think  you should be. The same goes for you needing others in your life who are also living out from their authentic self.

If you are true to yourself, you are true also to others’. You have divine gifts which will only manifest if you are being true to the highest within your own soul. For years I surrendered to others my individuality! I looked to others for approval, validation, instruction, guidance. I kept silencing my intuition. I did what I thought was right. What I was told was right. I willingly gave others control over me.

Today I have taken back my individuality. I listen and give priority to the voice of intuition. And you know what? I feel as I did when I was a child. Where anything is possible and imagination gave life to those possibilities. Although now I do not allow the voice of negativity, unbelief, or mass conformism to dictate to me that these childish ways should be given up. Neither do I allow myself to be intimidated by those who mock. They are the ones who allow fear to rule their lives and who secretly wish they to had the balls to believe so darn openly and brashly!

I realize that this life is too precious to waste conforming to what we think or have been taught to believe is the norm. I believe we are capable of far greater things than we even dare to imagine. But to even begin to live in this higher, normal realm, requires courage and bravery. It requires us to pursue our dreams, the things that make us happy, and believe that a higher power is for us, guiding us every step of the way. In the words of another, it is believing the universe has our back!

To be yourself holds so much power. It opens the floodgates for great things and people to come flooding into our lives!  To connect with the higher power, whom I personally call God, is to connect with the powers source. It is a deeply private affair, yet it manifests in a visible way in that you become more and more authentic and the world around you changes for the better. It shows up in everything you do for others to see and benefit from. In other words, you become a world changer!

I see more and more people rising up with such bravery and courage to be themselves. They are awakening to new, but not really new, ways. New exciting ways that should be the norm! We live in such an abundant universe where there is more than enough for everyone. Where there is an infinite amount of new and fresh ideas just waiting to be discovered. The only catch is we must be our true selves to receive and apply them! We have listened for far too long to the voice of pessimism, doubt, unbelief, negativity, what if’s, yeah buts, and so on. It is time to rise up, nurture the light within and SHINE!

If you are too afraid and it all seems too much, remember, baby steps! Taking one, tiny, courageous step at a time is enough. Even when you don’t think it is, IT IS! Also, find just one person or group who will support and believe in you wholeheartedly! If you can’t find one person, you can talk to me. Just drop me a line.

And so the journey begins…

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