Recovering A Sense Of Identity

I came across this quote as I read through week two of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I am currently going through this course alongside other people. I’ve had the book for a couple of years now. In fact it started me on my journey, however, I have never been able to see it though. Some have said the same and put it down to not being ready. This time I AM ready!

The reason this quote spoke to me is not only because it resonates deeply with me but also because of the context in which I read it in the book. It is all about recovering YOUR sense of identity. In order to do that you must have been, to some degree. lost or not living out of your true self. For me personally, I gave away my true self because someone told me what to believe.

In order to recover my true identity, to find out who I really am, required for me to be brave. To walk away from what Julia refers to as crazymakers and begin to open my mind. To walk away from what I had been told to believe and to “puzzle it out for myself”. 

In puzzling out things for ourselves, it may not look like the same faith as someone else. It may not look like the faith they have been taught to follow and so they judge. They are normally those who follow a prescribed system they believe is divine, yet the reality is, most of it developed as a system over time by man and became institutionalized.

To puzzle things out for ourselves is a brave and courageous thing. It means stepping out from being told how and what to believe, allowing yourself to be open minded to Creative Intelligence, for me personally to God. In doing so your faith will no doubt look different to what some are accustomed to and see it as an invitation to pass judgement. But all this does is highlight a fault in their own belief system. It shows their god is their ego!

I choose to puzzle out my own faith in God. I left the institutional church to pursue authentic faith outside of a system I didn’t believe in. In doing so I found something, or should I say someone, unexpectedly…..myself!

So I’m on week two of The Artist’s Way now. I did a vlog check in which you can watch below. I have some events to attend over the next few weeks, however, I still would like to think I’ll keep up with the video blog check ins. I would absolutely love to hear from you if this has resonated in anyway. Know you are not alone and that you DO have permission to “puzzle it out” for yourself!

5 thoughts on “Recovering A Sense Of Identity

  1. Hi Geraldine, I found this blog post while reading one of your planner reviews and it really resonated with me. I too left the church for the same reasons and joined a small home group of Christians who I soon realised were judging my husband and I because we didn’t always agree with their latest ‘theories’. It’s sad as I loved worshipping in a group but at least we are now free to follow God in our own way without having a belief system forced on us. You wrote this post very eloquently. x

    1. Wendy, I cannot thank you enough for your lovely comment. One of the reasons I share these things is in the hope that it will resonate with someone else. Thank you for commenting. I’m sorry to hear what you went through, but now I believe your faith is on course for an amazing journey! Xx

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