Life – A Process Of Self Discovery And Slowly Learning To Love Yourself

As I’m sat here in bed contemplating where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I’m going in life, a quote I saw came to mind. It said “People seem to think embracing life means to jump off cliffs and kiss strangers. Maybe it’s just slowly learning to love yourself.” – Anon. Then I realised that, up until now, this is what it has all been about for me…slowly learning to love myself. It’s realising that I am the heroine of my story. That the “Internal heroine’s journey is one of self discovery, in which you quell your fears, find your strengths and weaknesses and inner resources, and transform yourself.” Quoted from Colette Baron-reid.

What I wanted to share today is in order to go on this journey we have to accept that we cannot allow, under no circumstances, any experience we’re having to be put into a box. We cannot allow fear to draw a line and say “No further.” We always need to be pushing the boundaries of what we think we can do. To go beyond safe and comfortable. To never accept anyone elses definition of something unless we have explored it for ourselves. Even in pretty deep things like faith and what or who we believe in.

I saw this morning fear being represented by mist. It can’t harm you, yet it totally disorientates you, stops you from seeing your way forward and brings panic if we allow it to. However, the sun comes with its warmth and clears the mist. The sun being our state of mind. We can choose to hide behind the mist, or bravely step out and shine on it until it clears and we can see the way ahead.

On my journey, I have come across some pretty amazing heroines along the way. The weekend just gone I had the privilege of meeting some of them. I’m honored and very blessed to have them in my life. I hope to spend more time with these lovely ladies who all inspire and encourage me on my own journey!


2 thoughts on “Life – A Process Of Self Discovery And Slowly Learning To Love Yourself

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and you are completely right. For me I’ve always seen fear as a challenge. I’m so stubborn that I will try to conquer it simply to prove a point to myself, and in that I am lucky.
    It comes from watching my mum be the complete opposite, she wouldn’t ever go out of her comfort zone and settled for everything when she could and should have aimed higher. It taught me very early on not to settle, to strive forward until I get my desire or at least as close to it as possible.
    I really think you’re a very strong and incredible woman. You’ve gone and turned parts of your life on it’s head to achieve happiness and to be fullfilled. It’s no easy feat:)

    1. Oh wow, what a lovely comment! Thank you! It’s sad we learn the negative so early in life, but the journey is an adventure. Those fears, our dragons, can be tamed and as Colette Baron-Reid teaches, they can not only be tamed but used to our advantage…Our super Powers if you will. I’m thankful to come across lovely people, like yourself, on this journey Xx

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