New Year, New Word – Intuition

As 2016 came to a close, I went through a really tough time. This darkness however, turned out to be a blessing. It prepared me to start the new year on a new path. I had, you see, at some point last year gotten myself lost. I know why. I began to manipulate and force things, but to no avail. I was impatient and tried to make things happen. It all came to a head though by the end of the year.

Thankfully, I listened to my intuition and everything became clear…the next steps I needed to take….slow down…trust….go back to basics. At the same time I was reminded I needed a new word for 2017. Pretty much straight away I knew what it was …INTUITION. 

So, following my intuition I signed up to an online course backing the direction it was telling me to take. I then immersed myself in my passion and floods of new and fresh ideas came to me. For my new art journal I decided to include my one word on the cover, and with the mixed mediums, have fun and play…intuitively!

These are my happy colours. I absolutely love them! I cannot wait to share in upcoming posts some new ideas I’m playing around with, projects I’m involved in, and some exciting news at the end of the month! Sign up to my other social media accounts to stay tuned for what lies ahead!


7 thoughts on “New Year, New Word – Intuition

    1. Thank you Bonita! I’m actually going to take a few to hone in on various art techniques. The one I’m taking is all about painting intuitively xx

    1. Hi Bonita, some things I am. Some things I’m not. In this case, since I can see you’re desperate to find out, it is A Girl With A brush. I choose not to share everything on my blog for personal reasons.

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