Why I’ve Been MIA On My Blog

For some months now I haven’t posted. I’ve had plans to post. To start a fresh here. To let my voice be heard and my story told.

The reason has not been procrastination but more whether what I have to say is going to be heard by someone…anyone! And the fact that blogging for me is not primarily focused on art or planning but more a platform to share my thoughts. And my thoughts can be a bit out there! Lol I guess there’s an element of people pleasing stopping me too.

So I keep putting it off.

Very recently, I’ve had a lot of sychronocities happen in my life, and I thought I really should be sharing these. Then I read from an artist I love and respect that she hopes to help people share their stories.

I realised I have been sitting on something that could in turn help others the way she wants to help others. I mean, that had also been my desire for the longest time.

So I’ll just start.

I can’t promise pretty images in every post. And I can’t guarantee the content will always be the same. What I can say is that I will be pouring out my thoughts here and that some of them might challenge some of you to look at things in an entirely new perspective.

I often don’t speak into a persons situation because I know they are not ready to hear certain things. Often they have to discover them for themselves. It’s all part of the growth process.

However, this blog, this is my platform to speak and people are free to come and go as they please.

I’ve dipped my toes in controversial waters before here and suddenly backed off, just like you do if the waters too cold. But then I realised as each day goes by without fully living and expressing ourselves as we know we should be, we have wasted a day of our precious life.

No one will physically tell you to go start that dream today. You have to tell yourself then do it. For me it’s bearing my heart and soul.

It’s like blogging is the key piece I have purposely left out to complete the whole picture of my dream, hence why I’ve been in a bit of a stalemate.

So all I can do is just start. Not fuss over pretty pictures. That’s for Instagram. But just get the words out.

So, with that said, here goes….

One thought on “Why I’ve Been MIA On My Blog

  1. Well done for being you and doing what you want, and writing what you want, which is of course your prerogative. I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts. Content for me, isn’t always about pretty pictures, but about meaning.

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