Altered Journal – Journey Of My Heart

I shared in a previous post how I began an altered journal to document my spiritual journey. Well after preparing the cover and thinning down the book by removing pages, I stamped the cover using archival ink. Next I prepared a couple of pages using gesso. Once dry I gathered bits of ephemera I hadRead more

Lollipop Box Club – My First Subscription Box

I LOVE colour! So it goes without saying I love rainbows! When I saw July’s box preview for the Lollipop Box Club I was like “Take my money!” I have never signed up for a subscription box. I’ve always wanted to and there are others I have my eyes on, but the ol’purse strings areRead more

One Book July Update

So far One Book July 2015 has been a fantastic challenge for me. I am still quite new to planning, and so finding my way still. Keeping everything in one book has it’s obvious limitations and drawbacks yet it helps to really understand what you want and need from planning. What I Have Found So,Read more

Journey Of My Heart – Making Friends With Ourselves

I was answering a questionnaire in a book I’m currently reading and was pleasantly surprised with how far I have come these past few weeks in terms of a more positive lifestyle. Without realising it I had dealt with many reoccurring negative mindsets which had always held me back. But then… …this questionnaire raised oneRead more

No More Breakdowns, Only Breakthroughs

“The next thing you think, the next action you take, will either create a new possibility for you, or it will repeat the past.” – Deepak Chopra So, this week! Phew, where do I start? I have experienced a massive shift in my life recently, more so this week. It has been bliss! As youRead more

Great British Sewing Bee Notebook Cover

Last week I came across this fabric notebook cover kit and fell in love with it immediately! It comes with four…FOUR different fabrics which means four covers! Not only that but it included the notebook which was excellent quality! It was a bargain what with it being in the sale! I had to have it!Read more

Bible Journaling – Self Love

Since my last post I have been reading ‘ A Return To Love’ by Marianne Williamson. It comes after not just a recommendation by after another series of God-incidences, which, if you know me is a frequent thing in my life! I knew this book would be life changing with the way I was leadRead more

Journey Of My Heart

Mine is a journey of love…a journey of the heart. I heard the call as a child and would feel close to it’s source in story, fairytales, imagination, and play. It would be stirred up in such movies as The Neverending story, Hook, Goonies, and Labyrinth. As I lived from that place of imagination, believingRead more

New Month, New Start, New Projects!

Wow, since my last post, which was only yesterday, so much has happened! Particularly in relation to the aftermath of what I posted about. I’ll have to save some of it for another time however. Some sad new first. As I wait to move I’m seeing neighbours here come and go. Sadly, the older generationRead more

Time to Let Go And Move Into The New

Many times in life we all have to let go of wounds, both old and new. Say goodbye to relationships that have become toxic. Let go of the old before we start the new. Some things cannot come with us where we are going. I have these set of keys. All, but one however, noRead more