Alice In Wonderland Muse Retreat Journal

This month I was kindly sent by Shirley a Muse Retreat box for review. Now I adore these boxes on account of them being the only ones of their kind that I am aware of and that they encourage self care and time for creativity. The theme of this box was well timed as IRead more

A Very Christmassy Pocket Letter

Christmas literally jumped out at me when I opened this Brimbles months box! I knew straight away I wanted to combine all the elements somehow, because they all look so good together. That’s when the idea of doing a pocket letter came to me. I used pretty much every single item in this box forRead more


You may recall from my last post that I began an intention to “To set aside scared time for myself to heal, learn grow, and to manifest the desires of my heart.” This came on the heels of a bout of crushing self consciousness. So I started to formulate for myself a new routine. One morning, IRead more

What I’m Learning About Manifesting Breakthroughs

A few days ago something came up that caused me to start having a bout of crushing self consciousness. I wanted a quick fix to what brought it on in order to never have to worry about it again. During this process certain truths came to light which I will now put into practice inRead more

Life – A Process Of Self Discovery And Slowly Learning To Love Yourself

As I’m sat here in bed contemplating where I’ve come from, where I am, and where I’m going in life, a quote I saw came to mind. It said “People seem to think embracing life means to jump off cliffs and kiss strangers. Maybe it’s just slowly learning to love yourself.” – Anon. Then IRead more

Creative Journaling Boho Style

  In the September Brimbles Box I was in my element! There was so much in there to get creative with. I still have loads left over. I chose the stationery box. If you missed my last post here are the contents… I’m currently journaling on many different topics such as, gratitude, affirmations, etc. I’mRead more

Boho Planning With The Brimbles Box

  I have a confession to make…I am having commitment issues with my planner! I have for a while now. I bought my “unicorn” and still, I find, I cannot commit. Planner peace is elusive. It is for me anyway. I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas which don’t tend to suit planning. UnlessRead more

Recovering A Sense Of Identity

I came across this quote as I read through week two of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I am currently going through this course alongside other people. I’ve had the book for a couple of years now. In fact it started me on my journey, however, I have never been able to see itRead more

Cosmo Cricket Process Video – Watercolour

The other day, while shopping in Hobbycraft, I came across a new range called Cosmo Cricket. I was stunned to see they included Travelers Notebook inserts which you could watercolour! You see nothing like this in the UK! So of course I snapped them up! However I didn’t see the journal cover so I boughtRead more

Be True To Yourself

“Be true to the light within & carefully tend it that it may give an ever clearer light.” – Ralph Waldo Trine I have come to learn that the greatest gift you can bestow upon this world is the gift of being your true, authentic self. Unhindered by limitations imposed upon you by man &Read more