My New Obsession – Stamp Carving

As I was shopping with my daughter in Paperchase, I came across this book, I Love Stamping by Ishtar Olivera. First the colours lured me in. And when I opened it I knew I had to have this book. It packed with inspiration! So I picked up a stamp carving kit and got started. I’mRead more

Traveler’s Notebook Setup Video

After sharing how to make a vision board for your traveler’s notebook, I have made a video of my setup. I’m currently using the Webster’s pages TN. However, I will be starting another for other journaling projects, which will be more clear once you watch the video. It is a personal one but I hopeRead more

Making A Vision Board Insert For Your Traveler’s Notebook

As I was contemplating vision boards and how using the inside pockets of my traveler’s notebook wasn’t enough, I instantly came up with an idea of how to make an vision board insert using actual cork sheet. Materials Needed: A4 corksheet 3mm. You can buy from Fred Aldous Double sided tape A4 card Craft knifeRead more

Face The Fear And Do It Anyway – Step Into Your Calling

Yesterday I found myself being asked, “So who are you?” and “What do you do?” I was then forced into being either truthful and voicing my dreams and who I am striving to be, or with false humility, put myself down saying, “I’m just a blogger.” I went for bold truth… I express myself creatively whileRead more

Breakthroughs Are Coming!

Yesterday morning, I awoke to what potentially, could have been the start of another downward spiral into despair. I immediately recognized the triggering thought and began dealing with it. It wasn’t easy, but this time, there was a strength within me that rose up saying, ‘No! No way this is happening again. Not a chance!’Read more

A Bloomin’ Lovely Brimbles Box

  What a happy theme for a stationery subscription box! Especially when our British weather has been a bit bleak lately. I hope this post will add some happiness and colour into your day wherever you are! Again, I went for the subscription box this month. As always it included beautiful pieces of Anna’s artRead more

How To Make A Shaker Dashboard – Video Tutorial

  For a long time now people have asked me how I make my shaker dashboards. So, I decided to put together a tutorial video…my first one! My shaker dashboards are made using a sewing machine, but you can also use a fuse tool. I hope this helps you to get creative and make yourRead more

Unapologetically Me – Being True To Who I Am

It’s a humid yet rainy Monday in June. I have just come out of a difficult and dark week. Yet, as I have now come to learn, it is in those dark times we discover something precious. Life transforming. A treasure. This is the treasure I found. To be unapologetically me. Treasure Finds Me. TwoRead more

Combating Negative Attitudes Towards Shopping Malls And Being Inspired Instead

As I have been on this journey of dealing with the destructive habit of criticism, condemnation, and complaint and learning to think and speak positively, many ingrained beliefs I didn’t even know where there, have been coming to the surface. Seemingly insignificant or even what some would call ridiculous things. But these are the flies in the ointmentRead more

Power Of Imagination To Change Our Lives

Imagination. As a child it comes easily to us. Our whole world is lived through the eyes of imagination. Everything is magical. Anything is possible. And if that wasn’t enough, we had friends who saw and shared our visions. They even added to them too. There was no judgement. Just hours of adventure and laughter. Then weRead more