My New Obsession – Stamp Carving

As I was shopping with my daughter in Paperchase, I came across this book, I Love Stamping by Ishtar Olivera. First the colours lured me in. And when I opened it I knew I had to have this book. It packed with inspiration! So I picked up a stamp carving kit and got started. I’mRead more

Easter Happy Mail Blog Hop!

Today will be my first blog hop! I will be teaming up with the lovely Anna Brim of Mrs Brimbles and the rest of the design team! We were talking about sending each other one of those pocket letters with an Easter theme. However, I have never really been a fan (gasp! I know, I know). ThereforeRead more

2015 Summary And Looking Ahead

Okay so I know it is only November and we haven’t had Christmas yet buuuut, I’m already thinking ahead to next years goals and plans. 2015 has been an incredible year for me and it has also been a steep learning curve. So far we still haven’t moved (a dream yet to be realised), howeverRead more

Octobers Brimble Box – Happy Mail

For October I received the Happy Mail Brimbles box. The happy mail box is described as being “solely aimed at providing you with the goodies to write / send to someone else. Some of the items that you could receive are: Post cards, note cards, greetings cards, paper, envelopes, letter writing sets, tags, ribbon, giftRead more

October Brimbles Happy Mail Box Unboxing

Yeay! It’s that time again! The unboxing of this months Mrs Brimbles subscription box! I recieved a happy mail box which is timely as I have a lot of penpals to write to this week. See my unboxing below to get an idea of what you can expect from these gorgeous subscription boxes!    

September Unboxing Of The Happy Mail Box From Mrs Brimbles

This is my no frills video over on my You Tube Channel of the unboxing of my first subscription box from the lovely Mrs Brimbles. Stay tune to my blog to see what I do with these lovely goodies! So grab a cuppa and enjoy!

A Little About Me

I recently wrote my first guest post for the lovely Mrs Brimbles. It was a short introduction of myself and why I love journaling, creative planning, scrapbooking etc. I thought I would include my introduction post here for those curious readers. I hope you enjoy! Get to know the Design Team – Geraldine Hi! I cannotRead more

Lollipop Box Club – My First Subscription Box

I LOVE colour! So it goes without saying I love rainbows! When I saw July’s box preview for the Lollipop Box Club I was like “Take my money!” I have never signed up for a subscription box. I’ve always wanted to and there are others I have my eyes on, but the ol’purse strings areRead more

Planner Goodies Giveaway and Blog News!

As I set about implementing new ideas I have for the blog, I thought I would run a giveaway to celebrate! I love my planners, especially of the fauxdori variety but I am still quite new to planning. I love the sheer versatility of something so practical. I mean, look at all the creative waysRead more