When You’re Done You’ve Just Got To Pitch Your Tent And Light Your Stove.

“As I stood there, I knew I was done for the day, though when I’d stopped I’d intended to push on. Too tired to light my stove and exhausted to be hungry in any case, I pitched my tent, though it was only four in the afternoon.” – Cheryl Strayed, Wild Every so often inRead more

Empowered To Change!

Word For 2016 Happy new year everyone! I am so excited about 2016! The end of last year saw me frantically researching a new diet/fitness plan and working through my Shining Life + Biz workbooks by Leonie Dawson. Within these workbooks lay a challenge to find a word for the year. Now I’ve been put offRead more

Daring Greatly To Be Me!

So recently I have been enormously encouraged by Brene Browns work. As I read her books I would have an “Ah ha!” moment every couple of pages! It’s both exciting and terrifying! When you begin to see things differently. When you see that what you once thought defined you, what you thought was your fault, what youRead more

My first Process Video! You Are Enough – Bible Journaling

Finally! I’m ready and all set up for process videos! I’ll be putting up videos of art, journaling, planning, and maybe some more vlogs. Today’s topic came about after I realized, when God says “I never knew you”, he was talking about those who never even knew themselves because they were too busy being someone they thought they shouldRead more

Breaking With Perfection & Expectations

WARNING: This post WILL be controversial yet I know there will be many who need to read this. Every now and then, I have a post that literally needs to be written. I mean a “Stop everything now and write” kinda post. A word bubbles to the surface and if I don’t get it outRead more

2015 Summary And Looking Ahead

Okay so I know it is only November and we haven’t had Christmas yet buuuut, I’m already thinking ahead to next years goals and plans. 2015 has been an incredible year for me and it has also been a steep learning curve. So far we still haven’t moved (a dream yet to be realised), howeverRead more

Chasms, Caves, Hills, wishing trees….My Week In The Peaks!

What a week! I was given the most amazing opportunity to go away, for a whole week, with my good friend to the Peak District! It was very difficult leaving behind family, as always, but my friend and I haven’t seen each other for such a long time. It was a well deserved holiday. TheRead more

Living Creatively And Positively – Be Yourself

In video three of my Living Creatively and Positively series I’m just sharing a few things I had on my heart this morning.

Vlog Day Three – Bloodmoon and Blackholes!

So I’ve been pretty quiet here on my blog lately due to concentrating on getting a vlog up and running. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’m getting there. We’ve had plenty of teething problems that have been very time consuming, so everything else took a back seat while we worked through them. HereRead more

Positive Planning!

Last week, after setting up my personal planner, I began a new project. Actually, project sounds too formal. It’s more like a daily practice. Each day I wanted to take time to note any quote, affirmation, or positive thought that struck a chord within me. This way, if I take time to note it downRead more