One Very Special Weekend! Part 2

Today my hubby and I went to a really lovely area where we live called Astley Hall. In fact, there are a lot of old halls where we live still around today. Astley Hall has free admission and has recently been refurbished. One room, probably the most oldest part of the house, still has itsRead more

One Very Special Weekend! Part 1

So, this weekend has been the first in over fourteen years that me and my hubby have had the time together on our own! The children are at youth camp so we had the weekend completely to ourselves. Well sort of…our little dog, Bonnie, came out with us. With not much in the bank toRead more

Sacred And Hidden Places

Today, summer solstice and father’s day, my husband decided we should all get out to our favourite place for a walk. I mean this place is crazy beautiful and all on our doorstep. There are so many little nooks and crannies to this place it would take a full day to explore them all. EvenRead more